Millennial First Time Home Buyers

In late March, RE/MAX measured attitudes and trends among Canadians with a focus on millennials – our newest buyer group. The results were very insightful with two significant key findings. Not only are millennials optimistic about their future, they are demonstrating themselves to be financially responsible, understanding the importance of a downpayment while keeping other[…]

Ontario home sales rise to new February record

Highlights – Residential sales up 15.8% in February 2016 compared to a year earlier. – New listings in Ontario numbered 25,384 units in February 2016, an increase of 3.8% compared to last year. – The provincial average price of homes in February 2016 rises 12.7% compared to a year earlier. – There were 2.8 months[…]

March 2016 Market Watch for GTA

Dear Friend, What can I say other than the real estate market is crazy hot! There were 7,621 homes sold in February – up 21.1% over February 2015. This brings the total sales for 2016 to 12,278, on the way to another record breaking year for Toronto. The average price jumped to $664,533, brought about[…]

February 2016 Market Watch for GTA

The weather in December and January was not the only thing that was unseasonably warm! The Toronto real estate market continued its hot pace with the sale of 4,672 residential transactions in January, up 8.2 % over January of 2015. The average price in January was $631,092, up 14.1% over January 2015’s average price of[…]

Ontario Real Estate Trends for 2016

Since 2013, OREA has The Ontario Home Ownership Index, a semi-annual research survey conducted by Ipsos Reid, which tracks consumer outlook on Ontario’s real estate market(s), economy and home ownership. Below are some of the findings for 2016, Copyright OREA >

January 2016 Market Watch for GTA

Toronto Real Estate Board members sold 4,945 homes in December, bringing the 2015 calendar year total to 101,299. This 9.2 % increase over 2014’s 92,782 sales, marked 2015 as the best year in the history of the Board. The average selling price for 2015 as a whole was $622,217 – up 9.8 % compared to[…]

2016 Housing Market Outlook

Canadian real estate expected to appreciate by 2.5% in 2016 High demand and low supply continued to characterize Vancouver’s and Toronto’s housing markets throughout 2015 as competition from buyers over the limited inventory of single-family homes pushed prices higher. The average residential sale price increased 17 per cent in Greater Vancouver and 10 per cent[…]

Record Sales in November 2015

Dear Friend, As we enter the Holiday Season, all is well on the real estate front. November’s record 7,385 sales through the first eleven months of 2015 brought the year to date total to 96,401, a new calendar year record for home sales, eclipsing the previous record set in 2007. Demand for ownership fuelled by[…]

A Look at Toronto’s Real Estate Developers

A decade into Toronto’s unprecedented construction boom, new and transformed neighbourhoods can make parts of our city feel unrecognizable within the span of a few years. With 10 years of rapid high-rise development behind us, low-rise streetscapes and vacant lots continue to give way to modern towers, as seemingly unending glass and steel condos re-make[…]

Home Ownership Assistance

With this program you can buy a condo unit with $1000! Your mortgage covers 90% of the price, and government of Ontario will pay the remained 10%!!! This 10% is your housewarming gift; however, if you wish to sell your house during the first 20 years, you would be asked to pay it off as[…]